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The mother of fountain solution concentrates


COMBIFIX-XL is one reference product for initial press startups ever since it was invented. It is designed for printing with alcohol, employing continuous-feed dampening units.

This fountain solution concentrate can be used for absorbent and poor absorbent substrates. Its formula provides good plate protection and excellent ink/water-balance characteristics when working with 8-10% of IPA content in the fountain solution.

Your Benefits

COMBIFIX-XL is a most thoroughly evaluated and reliable product, having worked millions of days in many thousand printing houses.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 4%
  • Furnishes the printing plate with a thin, stable water-film
  • Stabilises the pH-value between 5.0 and 5.3
  • Prevents roller stripping
  • Very fast printing plate runoff and good plate protection
  • Meets the requirements concerning corrosion protection

Product Profile

IPA-free printing:

IPA-reduced printing:

Poor absorbent substrates:

Non-absorbent substrates:

General Information

Our fountain solution concentrates are all available in several versions, referring to the water employed for making the mixture. A thorough water analysis is performed in advance to recommendation. Please contact our sales or service personnel for more information.

Technical Informations

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Our business for solvent-based and water-based liquid inks is run through our own organization, associating maximum expertise and focus on flexible packaging and corrugated board backaging.

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