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Exclusive Quality – Huber Chile

We dedicate ourselves every day to recreate what defines our identity: products and customer service of the highest quality.

We attend our customers in every minute, providing solutions for any possible occurring issue, backed up by our international know how. Our team knows and understands the needs of printers and the requirements, which have to be fulfilled to reach a level that leaves no room for complaints. We have come to this ability by growing in the Chilean market from the very beginning – it is our natural ground.

Our foundation dates back to 2001,but it didn’t take long for us to get into international spotlight until we finally formed part of hubergroup in 2003. Since then we managed to establish ourselves as a leading player in the markets of flexography and gravure printing. We have widened our technical and commercial knowledge by a key element, which allows us to continue producing the best products and offering the best customer service – the hubergroup element.

With our new plant at hand, we look forward to follow the path we have set ourselves and keep delivering an exclusive quality.


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Liquid Inks Ordering

Our business for solvent-based and water-based liquid inks is run through our own organization, associating maximum expertise and focus on flexible packaging and corrugated board backaging.

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Offset Inks Ordering

A selection of products for sheet-fed offset printing is available through our exclusive dealer Hagraf. Please use the direct link to see their homepage, or order by using the information provided under our

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Visit our merchandising shop to order colour guides and many even more useful things referring to the hubergroup and your business.
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